[June 28, 2001]

iBook News:

TiBook or iceBook

Remy Davison at Insanely Great Mac gives a good overview of how the latest Apple Portables stack up, but from the perspective of which one is right for you. Well presented material that pulls no punches.


New Kitchen

We're having our kitchen cabinets redone in the new house, and they started work yesterday. Today I ate breakfast surrounded by more tools than will ever see my house again. And most of them I wouldn't know how to use. Even if I had the manuals...

[June 27, 2001]


I feel your pain, Jeffrey...

Lame, lame, lame.


[June 26, 2001]


Surf Naked!

I just checked the tracking status on the MacSense XRouter Aero I ordered, and it is in Tucson to be delivered today! I received the PCI/PC card bundle yesterday, so, if all goes well, I'll have the wireless LAN set up, along with access for the (non-wireless) iMac tonight.

Can't wait to surf naked in the Arizona Room...

[June 25, 2001]


Almost two weeks

Has it really been that long since I last posted anything? Wow. I spent the last week doing the recreation time (among other things) four the Vacation Bible School at our church. It was fun but exhausting.

Last week we also got a cable modem hookup (through @home) at the new house. It feels even faster than our T-1 at work. The wireless network equipment has been ordered and is on the way. For now the iMac is the best internet connection, but I hope to be surfing wirelessly by early next week...

[June 13, 2001]


Web2001 conference and expo

I received my speaker packet last week. Yesterday I booked my hotel and flight. And today I received an upgrade coupon for my flight, so I'll be travelling to San Francisco in class - first class!

[June 12, 2001]


Heard in the news...

"I don't think it's shocking at all. It's like predictions of earthquakes: you know it's statistically certain to occur, but it's still kind of rattling when it happens."

Reed E. Hundt, former Federal Communications Commission chairman as quoted in the New York Times, commenting on Microsoft's new initiative to embed computer-based telephony into Windows XP.

iMac News:

Drink Different?

It seems our favorite colored computer continues to inspire in areas completely unrelated to the computer field...

[June 11, 2001]


Max Hadron returns for another adventure

I've been a fan of John Martellaro's writing, even more since he has been writing some science fiction for AppleLinks. It's been awhile since he posted something new, but he is back with the beginning of another from Max Hadron and Co...

[June 8, 2001]

iBook News:

Good Advice

"The best advice, I think, is to 'buy what you need when you need it' (as opposed to 'buy what you want when you want it')." So says Remy Davison of Insanely Great Mac in his article, Replace, Resale or Refurbish? PowerBook Ownership 101.

Of course if for you the phrase "need a new Mac" really translates into "want a new Mac," then this article from Chris Seibold at Mac Write might be just the thing for you...

[June 7, 2001]



I've seen this in airports and other places that use dynamic billboard-type advertising. But it's still fun to have a laugh at Bill's expense... [requires QuickTime]

[June 6, 2001]


Time flies...

I remember the day of her birth like it was nine years ago. Oh, wait, it was nine years ago...

Happy birthday sweetheart!

[June 5, 2001]


Updates and such...

This being a new month, May goes into the archive. I've also updated the iFAQ with links to May's posts. The iFAQ may answer imaginary questions, but it can be useful - like if you want to know where to find the permalinks (they're "hidden" in the icons that precede each post), or even if you want to know what the icons mean. It's all there (once you slog through the ridiculous set-up at the beginning...).

iBook News:

Can't wait for colors?

Close-up view of a painted iBook...

He calls it Mini-Ti, but you could paint it any color you might want.

Chris Neuman shows you how...

[June 4, 2001]


New House!

Yes, the Newhouses are in a new house. We managed to close on both houses last week, and are close to unpacking all the boxes (save for the kitchen as the new cabinets will be going up the week of the 15th). I mowed the grass on Wednesday - I'm actually looking forward to doing that each week. Nice to get out from behind the computer every once in a while.

Now, if we could only get the cat to make the move, too...

Mark Newhouse is the Web Designer for the public outreach arm of the National Optical Astronomy Observatories in Tucson, AZ. He has been using Macs for over a decade, and sometimes gets Distracted.

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